Today’s Menu


I think I forgot to have breakfast this morning…..oops. Bad Jenn. The little  boys had Adam’s homemade bread with butter and cinnamon & sugar and Darigold RBST free milk. (Really should have had some fruit or something, but we were in a hurry to get out the door) I did manage to pack a good lunch/snack for us.


Club crackers (last of them)


Mixed nuts

EnerG gluten free crackers

(in our house we call these giraffe crackers)

o Banana chips

o raisins

Terra Chips

o Animal crackers

Goldfish Crackers

(we buy the originals. no artificial preservatives, no artificial colors and I believe HFCS free. Need to check that, as I no longer have the original packaging and can’t seem to find an ingredient label.)

o Peanut butter sandwich on Vita Bee Bread for Ashton

Humus  made from Fed Meyer bulk humus

Canned olives

o Orange

o baby carrots

o strawberries

o grape tomatoes

We did not eat the bars, but we did take them with us.


Adam made whole wheat flat bread, topped with Trader Joe’s Red Pepper spread with eggplant & garlic Fred Meyer Private Selection natural roast beef, spinach (didn’t find it o today), and n/o mushrooms. It was so so good! Ashton had his w/out mushrooms, and spinach, ham instead of roast beef and added swiss cheese.  For dessert we are having Trader Joe’s non-homogenized plain Goat Milk Yogurt with 1tsp vanilla extract, 1 pkt raw sugar and 6 o frozen strawberries (courtesy of Val’s freezer). Not bad. I bought the yogurt to make smoothie starter. Val gave me the recipe, but no link yet, as it is still in trial stages. I’ll let you know what I think of it when we make it.

Ok, so our original budget for groceries this pay period was $210. I took $40 off to pay back the emergency fund for the the food we bought before payday actually got here. So, we started at Trader Joe’s:

1 liter canola oil $3.49

I am torn about canola oil, but this TJ brand says it is not chemically processed. I’m going with it for now because olive oil and coconut oil is too expensive for recipes that call for a cup of oil.

2 lbs raw, peeled deveined shrimp $17.98

Adam has since informed me that this is too expensive. We’ll be buying it at Freddy’s from now on.

Wild caught sockeye salmon $15.82

Unsalted macadamias $6.49

Slice prosciutto $3.99

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar $2.49

5 lbs ground beef $1.99/lb

White wine for cooking $2.99

5 Organic free range chicken broth $1.99/carton

TJs black  beans .89

Cannellini beans .89

TJs red pepper spread $1.99

Artichoke tapenade $3.29

Interesting. Didn’t see Adam sneak this one in.

3 2.5lb bags TJs all natural, no artificial ingredient frozen chicken tenderloins $6.99 ea.

Same price as FM on sale, interesting.

2 Pasta torellini $1.89 ea.

2 Organic spaghetti pasta $1.29 ea.

3 2.5lb bags TJs all natural, no artificial ingredient frozen chicken breast $7.29 ea.

More interesting. $.70 less than FM, on sale.

Organic spaghetti sauce $2.99

Plain goat yogurt lg $5.49

3 2% Greek style yogurts $2.79 ea.

Organic van. yogurt 32 oz. $2.79

2 Organic cucumbers $2.49

Three pepper salsa $2.29

Another sneak by Adam. We have homemade salsa in the garage. 😦

Frozen organic corn $1.69

Soy & flaxseed tortilla chips $2.49

TJ organic hard candy $2.99

Treats for good little children

organic shallots $1.49

2lbs. organic yellow onions $2.29

1 pint RBST free sour cream $1.49

Unsalted RBST free butter $2.49

Organic thyme $1.69

basil $2.29

10 XL organic bell peppers $1.29 ea.

2 bags TJs spinach salad $1.99

Eggplant $1.39

Smoked gouda $3.18

2 TJs string cheese $3.49 ea.

feta $2.49

2 organic red onions $1.99

1lb. bag organic kiwi $1.99

1 liter pure olive oil $5.49

way cheaper than FM

TJs Parm  $5.20

TJs sliced swiss $2.99

Tjs sliced smoked gouda $2.69

Looks like we could have put one package of gouda back. Not bad for 3 adults using one list throwing things into the cart though, lol

Grand total $225.58

Next we went to Fred Meyer’s

Marsala wine $9.99

2 bags Terra chips $2.99

Raw peanut butter $2.76

fresh ground right in the store.

Bean sprouts $.79

Mushrooms $1.99

1 bunch each parsley & cilantro $1.79

3 bag o baby carrots $1.79 ea

discovered these are .30 cheaper at TJs

o green onions $.50

4 Portobello mushroom caps $9.34

Organic cilantro $2.99

Organic parsley $1.49

2 o mangos $3.00

bulk ground mustard seed $.52

bulk ground cumin $1.44

organic arugula $1.99

yeast $5.99

1.b shallots $1.17

2 organic lemons $1.98

2 sweet potatoes $1.81

3lbs. organic appples $4.02

Cantaloupe $2.03

5lbs Roma tomatoes $4.64

3 XL garlic $1.00

2 bags cinnamon raisin bagels $4.00

ginger root $.09

bulk organic cinnamon $1.33

Private select honey ham $5.54

Private select roast beef $7.62

one bag hoagie rolls $2.49

Adam will be learning to make his own soon.

Grand total $98.89

Grand total for the day $324.47.

We still need 5 doz. eggs, mayo, and ground chicken. Any produce bought that was not organic was not available organic. Next payday I plan to do my list a little better and go shopping without hungry kids. That way I can think a little more clearly about the fact that I could have bought cheaper lemons for example because they have such a thick skin. So, staying in the budget is turning out tough, but I think it has more to do with using the Rachel Ray book than buying organic……. If we weren’t buying all that cheese and some of the more odd things like ginger and wine, the money would have gone a lot farther. Luckily a lot of this will last us through the month. We’ll see how next payday goes and if it all evens out. I’m thinking we need to go back to simple, regular recipes and do Rachel recipes once a week or so. Will discuss and get back to you.

I know I promised a start-up chart for those just beginning their FOOD TRANSFORMATION journey. It’s about half done. Tomorrow is our official start date, so let’s hope I get it for you by then. On a side note, Trader Joe’s…at least the one we went to has a great activity to keep the kids entertained…. They hide a small stuffed dog somewhere in the store for kids to find. So while I was standing in the produce aisle, head spinning, asking Val a million questions and trying to keep track of Adam wandering around throwing things in the basket, the kids were wandering all over the store, looking for the puppy. Cyan found it and all the kids were rewarded with an organic sucker 🙂 and a mini three musketeers :s

See, even a store like Trader Joe’s understands balance!

Be well,




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4 responses to “FOOD TRANSFORMATION-Prep Day 4

  1. Becca

    Looks like you did pretty good there….fyi, FM has the wild caught salmon and quite a bit of other wild caught fish for way cheaper….and i’ve actually found it is fresher and cheaper there than at Costco. Costco has been disappointing lately because all of their fish has been farm raised instead of wild caught :(. They usually do well on the wild caught front. Also, depending on how much you are using on the herbs, FM has the organic herbs at 1.99 a packet, but you are going to get a smallish packet. Works well for me because i don’t tend to use a huge bunch at a time.

  2. Becca

    P.S. One of my fav cookbooks to make cheap, healthy meals is the Rachel Ray Veggie one…some of them I even add a little meat to. Most of them are simple and easy to make, and affordable even with organic ingredients. The 3 bean veg head chili is the best!

  3. Yeah, right now since it’s not even Spring yet we were having a really hard time finding some of the herbs and even veggies organically. Thinking after this pay period we’ll move away from being so specific with the ingredients from the Rachel Ray book. And the seafood I think will definitely be less at Fred Meyer. It’s highly unusual for us to even get to kinds of seafood in one pay period, so we’ll see.

  4. Val

    I agree about Costco. I haven’t bought seafood from them for years. It helps that Don only likes shrimp. lol… we don’t get fish often.

    I love RR for a sense of balance. She is great for that. She has a couple canned things and then tons of fresh and it is fast, and easy. A great transition person. I still use a couple of her recipes in my rotation… her Italian salad is a fave of ours (kidney beans, salami, and provolone over a bed of slightly grilled romaine with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. YUM!) And *gasp* my kidney beans for that salad come from a can (organic, Trader Joes, $1.29) 😉 Balance.


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